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In any organization you have a few fundamental computer system requirements to properly run your business. One of the primary needs is the ability to receive emails. To do this you either need to run your own email server or pay for a hosted email solution. One of the benefits of Office 365 is it includes many other features that will help you run your business. Including the full Office Suite, access to Office on mobile devices and tablets, file storage and sharing,  and much more depending on which Office 365 Plan you purchase. With Office 365 you can work whenever, wherever.

When looking into Office 365 the first thing is to identify which type of plan you want to purchase. There are two major types of plans the Business plan type and the Enterprise plan type. If your organization is never going to grow past 300 users you should take a good look at the Business plans. If you do intend to grow past 300 users the Enterprise plans will be your only option as it allows unlimited number of users based on how many licenses you purchase. Throughout the remainder of the blog post we are going to focus on the Business plan type.


The lowest price plan you can get is the Business Essentials plan, it costs only $5/user/month* with an annual commitment. This plan doesn’t come with licensing for Microsoft Office – it does come with 1 TB of storage, 50 GB mailbox, Skype for Business, and other features.The next level plan is Business, which costs $8.25/user/month* with an annual commitment. This plan comes with Microsoft Office, but no mailbox, Skype for Business or other features. The other Office 365 plan we recommend to evaluate is Business Premium which costs $12.50/user/month* with an annual commitment. This plan comes with Office, and all other features aside from a select few Enterprise plan type features.

The real question when selecting a plan comes down to if you have your Microsoft Office software licensed already. If you do not own Microsoft Office we recommend purchasing the Business Premium licensing. If you already own Microsoft Office the next best option would be the Business Essentials plan.

Contact Us and let The IT Fellas meet with you to discover what requirements you have, and we can help walk you through a demonstration and even the management of your Office 365 environment.

*Pricing as of September 2015

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Matt Griffin started working with computers in his early teenage years by building websites and running small profitable web businesses throughout high school. Matt attended Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis and graduated with a Computer Information Technology, BS from Purdue University. While Matt attended school he worked in multiple departments performing different technical responsibilities ranging from web development, desktop support and server support. Upon graduation Matt started full time at a large MSP in Indianapolis working with medium to large businesses to manage their server infrastructure and focusing heavily on Microsoft Certification. Eventually Matt moved on to a privately held construction company where he manages all of their internal IT Systems and has been providing a guiding vision not only for their Server Infrastructure, but their Desktop Support and Application implementations. Matt currently holds an MCSA in Windows 7, Server 2008 and Server 2012.

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