Why Us

The IT Fellas is an excellent partner to provide your organization IT Services. The IT Fellas was founded with five keys to success in mind to help us keep a razor sharp focus on how we will provide a high quality of service to our clients. 

Superior Customer Service

We love our customers and we want our customers to love us. We provide a positive attitude and a happy smile while working through your IT troubles.


We believe that you cannot provide the highest level of service without having trust between us and the client.

Genuine Ownership

We take pride in our work, and will own any task that we have in front of us. We love to be responsible and accountable to every action we perform to help our clients leverage IT to improve their organization.

Integrated Partnerships

We want to be your integrated partner, leverage The IT Fellas as you would your very own internal IT Department. We also want to leverage our very own partnerships to continue to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.

Continuous Education

With our organization focusing on continuous education we know that we can provided the highest quality of service to our clients with the latest technologies to meet their business needs.